NegrosByNight, the making

After signing up for at least five blogs of various sorts the past three year, I decided to only maintain my personal blog, where I can freely express by rants and raves about life and of politics, which I am dearly attached to. I’m neither a political figure nor an active community-leader type of quarter-lifed individual, but my consciousness with national politics demands a broader platform where I could redress my feelings and opinions on matters I deemed important to me and to society.

But of course, this is not about me and my politics anymore. When I went home last Christmas, it came to me as a passing thought of writing off something that is worth sharing for or expounding to about my home-province. Negros Oriental or Oriental Negros (Sidlakang Negros) is my birthplace, and it is there where I also want to retire. The color and variety of its culture, landscapes, people, sounds, food and even politics, has rendered it a place worth amplifying and sharing the highs and lows, the ups and downs of Negrenses and showcasing the best that Sidlakang Negros could offer~ purely from the Visayas to the world.

Negros By Night is now Signing ON.


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