Earthquake and Tsunami 101: Negros Style

With the recent occurrence of series of moderate to strong  earthquakes in southern Negros Island, which up to now remains under high risks of  more tremors due to the movement of the Negros trench which passes through the Sulu Sea, it is timely to share with our fellow Negrenses the real score when it comes to earthquake and tsunami risk in this part of the country.

Whether we like it or not, studies and researches made by experts locally and abroad suggest some information or findings on the risks of a geological occurrence such as earthquakes and tsunami in specific geographical locations or areas in the country. However, the purpose in drawing or mapping these risk areas is not to cause panic, but rather forewarn the general public, specifically the local and even national government entities to take concrete steps to address or manage possible occurrence of these natural calamities or the so-called force majeure-type disasters. Effectively, this is to ensure safety of lives and property and mitigate adverse effects of these natural-calamities. The first however, is getting the right information or familiarization on the real score of these calamities, specific in one area. In this case, the Southern and Western seaboard of Negros Island.

The following are graphical representations of tsunami and earthquake-risk areas with respective description of such risks:


Tsunami hazard map of Negros Oriental

Tsunami hazard map of Negros Occidental


What to do when earthquakes occurs?

What to when tsunami alert is raised or strikes?

But the best way to protect ourselves is to be vigilant and alert anytime, and with the right information, we can ensure our safety.




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