UFO sightings reported in Southern NegOr

Residents in Bayawan City, 100 kilometers south of Dumaguete reported of sightings  of an unidentified fying object (UFO) hovering over Barangay Villareal on Saturday night, July 16. Witnesses described the object to be reddish in color and resembles a fire or burning object, locally known as “bulalakaw” and was visible for almost 15 to 20 minutes. They said it was flying unusually slow, just over coconut trees. The residents allegedly tried to document the object but to no avail.

This unexplained and paranormal event is not new to Negros. In can be recalled that in 1979, Negros, in particular, Northern Negros figured prominently in the news due to the series of UFO sightings the have occurred over its airspace, described as the ‘Nocturnal Lights’ and the ‘Daylight Disc’. Similar occurrence was also reported in Negros Oriental, particularly in Sibulan town, where a “brightly colored object was seen hovering over the place and vanished in a sudden flash”.



The same source has updated this blog that upon investigation by local authorities on to the event, it was found out that a certain household in the vicinity did launch three successive red flares on Saturday night, which explains the UFO sighting.




Negros Chronicle archives


One thought on “UFO sightings reported in Southern NegOr

  1. Please do clarify this report as worldwide reports on UFO sightings did happen before and during cataclysmic events such as the Japan quake recently, volcanic eruptions, etc.

    UFOs are real, it’s only that our government, especially the US government suppresses the truth.

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