Negros Earthquake: Destruction in Guihulngan

Guihulngan City, perhaps one of the hardest-hit area after the 6.9 magnitude earthquake suffered tremendous loss of lives and destruction of property as shown in these photos courtesy of Dumaguete-based journalist Florence Baesa via Facebook:

Landslide area in Bgry Planas, Guihulngan City (photo by Florence Baesa)

Guihulngan City (photo by Florence Baesa)

Guihulngan City (photo by Florence Baesa)

The ground zero of the landslide (photo by Florence Baesa)

Damaged house in Guihulngan City (photo by Florence Baesa)

A vehicle damaged by a collapsed structure in Guihulngan City (photo by Florence Baesa)

A collapsed building in Guihulngan City (photo by Florence Baesa)

Weary residents and their children (photo by Florence Baesa)

‘Our houses are not safe’ (photo by Florence Baesa)

‘Outdoor meal’ (photo by Florence Baesa)

A damaged road in the Guihulngan City-La Libertad boundary isolates the city. Walking from a far is ABS-CBN reporter Jorge Carino (photo by Florence Baesa)

AFTER SHOCKS. Residents are rendered in their feet as the ground continue to shake due to prevailing aftershocks. (photo by Florence Baesa)

UPDATE: Following the 6.9 magnitude earthquake that jolted Negros and adjacent Visayan Islands on Monday, rescue and retrieval operations continue in at least three towns in Negros Oriental. As of 6am today, February 9, NDRRMC  accounted some 26 deaths, 52 injured and 71 remain missing or not yet identified in Bgry. Planas, Guihulngan and Brgy. Solonggon, La Libertad town, while some 2 thousand families are currently sheltered in 30 evacuation centers or are staying outside their respective homes.


NOTE: The photos herein are adapted from Facebook posts, including their descriptions. Per feedback from a reader, the areas featured above are actually Pitogo, Brgy Kagawasan and Mt. Razorback Brgy. Mabunga, Guihulngan as against Brgy. Planas.


3 thoughts on “Negros Earthquake: Destruction in Guihulngan

  1. As an earthquake survivor in guihulngan, it is so frustrating to witness how our rescue operations and government officials work. We found hopelessness during the calamity. You have to save for yourself, run for your family’s lives…there’s nowhere to get help. Informations rendered were not reliable at all. Rescue team were supposed to be the primary holder of any information regarding the earthquake coming from Phivolcs but unfortunately they totally lack knowledge. Instead of helping us, they added stress on us.

    Public officials were selfish! They took advantage of the relief goods, playing as if it were their own. What a shame for them! Relief goods were kept in public officials residents instead of distributing it right away to the people in need along the roads, outside of their houses, in rescue areas. I really wish his excellency Noynoy Aquino will look into this. These people are cruel!

    Choppers came down specifically to NORSU to airlift patients but they never did on that day. They gave false to victims. A 5-year-old girl was hit by a stone on the head and needed to be airlifted asap, promised the father of the child that they will come back around 4-5pm but they never came until the next day. What a lousy work they had. What kind of workers are we paying for our taxes! One thing they can never forget everytime they landed in the resue area was to take a picture of their crew as if thy’re doing a good job helping the people out. Publish it and get a positive impact from the viewers. I guess this is one of the million reasons why the Philippines never improved.

    Millions of money were sent out from all over the world to help the victims specially those who have lost their houses, we never have felt it. The only relief that we can see are those goods coming from different sectors. Information dissemination very poor. Plus some people have no discipline, spreading wrong information to the people in the calamity area. Like a magnitude of 8.2 is expected to hit the city at 8pm and a tsunami is coming. Really stupid! The earthquake that me and my family experienced was never a joke at all. It was devastating. It was deadly!

  2. Noted sir, thanks for the info. Most of the contents in this post, including photos & description were adapted from Facebook, so there might be some inaccuracies. I’ll correct this accordingly by posting a disclaimer. Kumusta na ang Guihulngan karon? Daghang salamat!

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