Eco-TERRORISM: Harming the Gentle Giants of Oslob

Just this weekend, the now infamous gentle giants of Oslob, Cebu,  the whale sharks (locally known as Butanding) have figured again in national media (sooner, global wire services) not as an eco-tourism attraction, but a wildlife destruction in our midst, after outrageous photos of residents/tourists touching, and worse, riding on a stranded whale shark off the coast of southern Cebu, directly facing Negros Oriental. Concerned groups and netizens have expressed rage over the threat posed by the under-controlled eco-tourism attraction, as well as the lack of education among locals pertaining to the anatomy and biology of whale sharks. These photos below were posted on Facebook from different sources. For the purpose of public information, I am posting these with due regards to the real owners of these photos:


Playing with Butanding is not Fun in the Philippines!


One thought on “Eco-TERRORISM: Harming the Gentle Giants of Oslob

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