Election in Sight: Three-Cornered Fight Looms for gov’ship

With less than a year to go for the next local elections, politics in NegOr has started to boil with the supposed three-cornered contest for the highest post in the province floating among the media and political circles. Local papers floated or as indicated by incumbent and traditional political officials, the much-awaited three-way battle of 1st District and Liberal Party stalwart Jocelyn Limkaichiong, former Finance Secretary and 3rd District Rep. Gary Teves, and incumbent Governor Roel Degamo.

Observations indicate that positioning their names this early is a strategy to condition public opinion, which is tantamount to early campaigning, while some quarters say that this is actually a positive development in local politics as there are many willing candidates to choose from come election time, and in effect breaking the dominance of political clans in the province.

But looking closely, sames names of the same roots are actually up and running. Gary is of course the son of NegOr political kingpin Meniong, whose bailiwick is the 3rd district. Josy is Teves’ relative and Meniong’s protege under Lakas before jumping to LP. And Degamo,  by his admission, is a former ally of Meniong when he started out as board member. But then, the latter has made a name & history by virtue of his assumption of the governorship due to the unusual circumstances after the 2010 election when the sitting governor and vice-governor passed away. And considering his current performance, perhaps this is one significant factor to be considered by voters.

Completing their respective tandems, Teves has current Vice-Governor Jun Arnaiz (brother of Rep. George) by his side; Limkaichiong is running with Dr. Ricky Macias, son of late Gov. Emilio; while Degamo has yet to identify his Vice-Gov, but the name of  former NORSU President Henry Sojor is floating.

A recent report meanwhile suggests that Degamo might also consider settling as Congressman for the 3rd District versus incumbent Rep. Henry Teves, another Teves scion.

Having these news items and speculations this early, I guess Elections 2013 is more fun in Oriental Negros.



Visayan Daily StarNegros Chronicle


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